Introduction to Hungry Wolves

This whitepaper outlines the game mechanics of Hungry Wolves. Our team has worked tirelessly on this project and taken meaningful input from external advisors who are far smarter than ourselves, e.g. Scott Kominers, a tenured Harvard economist.
The result is something that we think is extremely fun and while founded in the Ethereum blockchain, playable without meaningful gas fees. This document is broken into several sections, all of which are live features:
  • NFTs & Minting Phases
  • Wolves & Runtz
  • Joining Wolfpacks
  • Scrumptious Sheep & Lil Lamb Airdrops
  • Dominance
    • Eating Your Sheep
    • Wolfpack Competitions
    • PVP Challenges
  • Upgrading Your NFTs
  • Hungry World
  • Partnerships
  • More Information
We encourage everyone to join our Discord ( to learn more about the project and engage with our community.
Last modified 1yr ago