Upgrading Your NFTs

While we have plans for several ways Hungry Wolves will be able to spend Dominance, the most exciting is to upgrade the visual appearance of your Hungry Wolf via our Augment System.
This means you’ll be able to permanently change certain aspects of your NFT. Initially five traits of your Hungry Wolf will be augmentable via this method:
  • Tier 1: Tail — 500 Dominance
  • Tier 2: Background and Hands — 2,000 Dominance
  • Tier 3: Hat + Item — 4,000 Dominance + 25 PVP Wins
Upgrade Store in Wolf Den
Example Hat Upgrade for a Hungry Wolf
To upgrade all five traits on a single Hungry Wolf, you’ll need 6,500 Dominance.

The goal is for this to be something to strive for and work on over time, not to happen overnight. Though of course those that own multiple Hungry Wolves will have the means to get there faster.

When you enter into The Wolf Den with enough Dominance, you’ll be able to select one of your Hungry Wolves as well as which trait upgrade you’d like to purchase. If confirmed, the mapped IPFS image and metadata of your NFT will change to reflect your newly acquired spoils. From that point forward, the NFT is sellable/tradable along with its augments.
The traits of the NFTs will NOT change, as we do not want this system to affect rarity. However we have added a new trait to each wolf who has gone through this process called “EVOLUTION” with Tier underneath it. This will allow you to track and see via OpenSea which wolves have changed their visual appearance via the Augment System. We've also worked with Rarity.Tools to ensure this trait is ignored for purposes of rarity.
1-of-1s, both standard and custom wolves transformed from Werewolf Coins, will not be eligible to use this system. They are rare assets in their own right and will remain that way.