Eating Your Sheep

We know you’re all hungry. So when you eat a sheep, what happens?
We mentioned in Scrumptious Sheep & Lil Lamb Airdrops that there are 10 different potential options to receive in our regular monthly airdrops; 5 versions of Scrumptious Sheep for Alpha wolves and 5 versions of Lil Lambs for Beta wolves.
Each based on its rarity is worth an increasing amount of Dominance when eaten. See the chart below.
Monthly Airdrop Dominance Values by Rarity
*We reserve the right to adjust these figures in the future if we determine it necessary to balance game mechanics.

Based on rarity levels, the end result is that Alpha wolves will receive a Scrumptious Sheep worth an average of 30 Dominance per month. Beta wolves will receive a Lil Lamb worth an average of 15 Dominance per month.

While Hungry Runtz cannot hunt on their own, and therefore don’t receive their own airdrops, they can eat Scrumptious Sheep & Lil Lambs. In doing so Runtz receive 1/2 of the Dominance value compared to Hungry Wolves. As an example, if Runtz consume a Common Scrumptious Sheep, they earn 10 Dominance vs. the 20 listed in the chart above.
Eat Sheep in Wolf Den
Dominance is a wallet based value — meaning as you eat your sheep, regardless of which Hungry Wolf or Runtz in your wallet consumes them, it all adds up to a singular amount for the wallet holder.
Dominance Logo
If you consume sheep with your Primary Wolf, Dominance earned will also be mirrored and added to a total for your Wolfpack, creating the foundation of #Wolfpack Competitions.

Each Hungry Wolf in your wallet will be able to consume a maximum of three NFTs (either Scrumptious Sheep or Lil Lambs) per month before it becomes full. Runtz, due to their small size, can only consume one NFT per month.

This was a big decision and implemented for a variety of reasons. Let’s talk through some examples and implications:
  • If you hold a single Hungry Wolf in your wallet, you’ll earn one NFT during our monthly airdrop. You can acquire up to two more via buying/trading and can eat a maximum of three Scrumptious Sheep or Lil Lambs before you have to wait until the following month to consume more. This caps the amount of Dominance you can earn via eating each period.
  • If you own more wolves, you can eat three NFTs with each of them during a period; significantly accelerating your wallet-based Dominance earnings. As an example if you own 6 wolves, you’d earn enough sheep during a single airdrop to fill up two of them, which can be done all at once.
  • Since only one of your wolves can be your Primary Wolf and belong to a Wolfpack, it creates balance for Wolfpack Competitions, as each wallet can only eat three sheep per month that also benefit your Wolfpack.
  • This creates incentives for your Primary wolf to consume rarer sheep and maximize Dominance that’s simultaneously attributed to your Wolfpack.

TLDR: Owning more wolves will allow you to significantly accelerate your Dominance earnings, not only by receiving more sheep via airdrops, but being able to consume them more quickly within a single wallet.

While technically you could mint large numbers of Runtz to accelerate Dominance earnings (due to them being free-to-mint) it would come at a high cost given they only yield 50% of the Dominance value to the wallet.
All Scrumptious Sheep and Lil lambs are Polygon ERC-1155 tokens. There are two major benefits to using this token type:
  • They’re “stackable” in the sense that if you own multiple, you’ll only have one token shown on your OpenSea profile along with a X owned counter. This is the same for when you visit OpenSea to purchase / sell sheep, or view your own wallet holdings.
They cost virtually nothing to transfer. Which means that when you eat, and therefore burn, the NFTs — gas fees are extremely minimal.
You can enter The Wolf Den to see your wolf and sheep holdings, as well as eat them in bulk through our FEAST function. Dominance is then immediately earned and available to spend.
We also keep a Leaderboard of wallets and individual wolves to show the number of sheep eaten + Dominance earned over time. There are no rewards currently associated with these Leaderboards; but it's fun to track who's on-top for certain time periods!