Hungry World

In Q3 2022 Hungry Wolves released its Hungry World inside of NFT Worlds. You can earn $WRLD and live-minted NFTs by playing the game! Access the game via the NFT Worlds Launcher.
Hungry World
Inside of the Hungry World you hunt for sheep + lambs to earn Points. Points can then be redeemed at vendors for upgraded weapons, in-game wolf skins as well as Hungry World Scrumptious Sheep + Lil Lamb NFTs which can be eaten inside The Wolf Den. You can also earn $WRLD for placing on our Daily Leaderboards and participating in Flash Competitions.
Hungry World Castle
Hungry World Vendors
There are four weapons inside of the Hungry World: Stick, Wooden Sword, Stone Sword and Diamond Sword.
Weapon Choices
Common and Uncommon Scrumptious Sheep + Lil Lambs can be killed with a Stick. Rare need at least a Wooden Sword, Legendary need at least a Stone Sword and Mythical require the Diamond Sword. You can purchase these items for points earned by finding and killing sheep/lambs of any type.
Avatar skins can also be purchased; one designated for each Wolfpack. If you're wearing a particular skin, you'll earn points in the world towards that Wolfpack's leaderboard, located inside of the castle. Currently there are no Wolfpack rewards inside Hungry World.
Avatar Skin Choices
You can also mint Scrumptious Sheep + Lil Lamb NFTs directly from the vendor with your points, which turn into NFTs in your wallet and can then be used/consumed in The Wolf Den.
Mintable NFTs Live In-Game
Lastly, you can purchase food from the vendors which can be consumed in-game to replenish your running stamina.
Food for Stamina
There are a variety of Leaderboards available, both on the castle steps as well as in the game UI. The most important of these is Daily Points. We currently award 10 $WRLD per day to each of the Top 10 points earners, which is automatically deposited into their wallets every 24 hours. The #1 place also receives a Hungry World Scrumptious Sheep and #2/#3 places a Hungry World Lil Lamb!
Best of luck in the Hungry World, wolves! Who's HUNGRY?!
Who's Hungry?!