Joining Wolfpacks

Once you acquire a Hungry Wolf or Runtz, you become eligible to join one of 10 Wolfpacks based on your NFTs unique traits.
Hungry Runtz have a single trait (Fur) mapped to Wolfpacks and each is eligible to join a single pack.
Hungry Wolves have a more complex mapping of traits as shown below and in most cases are eligible to join multiple packs.
Wolfpack Trait Mapping
By entering The Wolf Den via our website, you can easily see which Wolfpacks each of your Hungry Wolves or Runtz are able to join.
Join a Wolfpack
One of the big questions we’ve wrestled with: should joining a Wolfpack be “wolf” or “wallet” based?
While our original plan was to allow all wolves to join Wolfpacks, regardless of how many one held in their wallet, we determined this created potential for significant imbalances as well as opportunities for players to cheat. Not to mention confusion and complexity for those holding large numbers of wolves.
We decided the right path was to have our players (i.e. wallet holders) choose a single Wolfpack. We want each person to develop a genuine affinity for their chosen pack — like a guild or clan in an MMO. This simply isn’t possible if everyone can join multiple (or even all 10) simultaneously.
When you enter The Wolf Den, you’re asked to choose a Primary Wolf from those available in your wallet. This Primary Wolf is then able to join a Wolfpack based on its unique traits. You can change your Primary Wolf, join, leave or switch Wolfpacks at anytime.

While only one Hungry Wolf or Runt per wallet can formally join a Wolfpack, we’ve ensured that other game mechanics are designed in a way where it’s strategically advantageous to hold multiple. More on this in the sections below.

Once your Primary Wolf joins a Wolfpack, a channel will unlock in our Discord allowing you to communicate and strategize with your packmates.
This is important when it comes time to compete and earn rewards with your Wolfpack; discussed below under the section Wolfpack Competitions.