NFTs & Minting Phases

The Hungry Wolves mint launched and SOLD OUT in Q1 2022. It was separated into three phases, all of which were priced at 0.06 ETH. You can now purchase Hungry Wolves on the secondary market via OpenSea:
Hungry Wolves NFT Examples
Each of the three mint phases had a different % chance of obtaining Alpha vs. Beta wolves:
  • MINT PHASE 1: 100% of the first 2,500 Hungry Wolves minted held an Alpha rank.
  • MINT PHASE 2: 25% of the next 1,000 Hungry Wolves minted held an Alpha rank. The other 75% were Betas.
  • MINT PHASE 3: 10% of the last 2,500 Hungry Wolves minted held an Alpha rank. The other 90% were Betas.
These phases resulted in 3,000 Alphas and 3,000 Betas that became part of the overall collection.
To be clear, despite their name, Beta wolves are not secondary members of our pack or community. They can do all of the same things as Alpha wolves. The trait pool is identical, they can join Wolfpacks, collect and eat sheep, earn Dominance and rewards.

The one difference between Alpha and Beta wolves is their hunting prowess; Beta wolves retrieve smaller prey during regular airdrops.

This is discussed further in the Scrumptious Sheep & Lil Lamb Airdrops section.
Alpha & Beta Logos
Our NFTs each hold a metadata trait called Rank so you can easily identify if a wolf is an Alpha or Beta. This is also the foundation for wolves to steal/swap ranks with each other using PVP mechanics, discussed in the #PVP Challenges section.
There are 10 standard 1-of-1s included in our collection (one representing each of our 10 Wolfpacks) and 10 Werewolf Coins. Each were distributed at random during our mint.
10 Standard 1-of-1s
Werewolf Coin
Holders of a Werewolf Coin have the ability to work with our 3D designers to transform it into a 1-of-1 custom Hungry Wolf based on their specifications. Several of these have already been redeemed and are now part of the collection.
All 1-of-1s and Werewolf Coins initially held the rank of Alpha.