PVP Challenges

PVP Challenges are only for Hungry Wolves. They’re simply too dangerous for Runtz!
There are two types of PVP challenges in Hungry Wolves:
  • Opposing Rank: Beta vs. Alpha
  • Same Rank: Alpha vs. Alpha & Beta vs. Beta
For Beta vs. Alpha challenges, there’s a grail at stake: the Rank metadata tag of the Alpha. If the Beta wins the challenge, the Beta wolf will BECOME the Alpha, and in turn, the Alpha will become the Beta.
But with significant reward comes significant risk. Risk that the Alpha wolves can capitalize on.
PVP Challenges
If a Beta wolf wants to challenge an Alpha, they’ll need to risk 100 Dominance. That’s not an insignificant amount given the average yield of a Lil Lamb — what the Beta wolf receives during monthly airdrops.
Not only that, but if an Alpha wolf accepts a Beta’s challenge, the Alpha wolf can do so bullishly — knowing it has a 75% chance to win.
If the Alpha wolf wins the challenge (and it’s statistically likely to do so) its wallet holder will acquire 90 of the 100 Dominance that the Beta put on the table. The other 10 is burned as a deflationary and anti-abuse mechanism. For those counting, 90 Dominance is the equivalent of eating three average Scrumptious Sheep; a meaningful bounty.

If the Beta wolf manages to win the challenge, it keeps its Dominance and switches metadata tags with the Alpha. This means for all future airdrops, the Beta wolf (now the Alpha) begins to acquire Scrumptious Sheep.

PVP Challenges Logo
For Same Rank competitions (Alpha vs. Alpha & Beta vs. Beta), it’s all about Dominance. Both wolves will put up 100 Dominance, 10% will be burned (20) and 180 (total) will go to the winner with a 50/50 chance of either being victorious.
The challenges are made inside of The Wolf Den, where a player can select the Token ID of any wolf in the collection (that they don't own themselves) and propose a challenge. If that wolf logs into the Wolf Den and accepts, a winner will be determined and spoils delivered accordingly.

Results are posted live to Twitter and shared in our Discord for others to comment on!

The number of PVP wins for each wolf is also tracked as a metadata trait! So it's forever attached to your NFT as a way to truly prove its Dominance!