Scrumptious Sheep & Lil Lamb Airdrops

Beginning in Q1 2022, we began delivering monthly airdrops to all Hungry Wolves holders. Each month on the full moon IRL, Alpha wolves yield Scrumptious Sheep and Beta wolves, Lil Lambs.
Important: Alpha and Beta wolves can eat both Scrumptious Sheep and Lil Lambs. Rank simply determines which variety each type “hunts” and therefore retrieves during airdrops.
Hungry Runtz are too small to hunt on their own and therefore not eligible to receive airdrops. However, they can eat Scrumptious Sheep & Lil Lambs if they acquire them via other means. This is discussed further in the Eating Your Sheep section below.
Scrumptious Sheep + Lil Lamb
During each airdrop, you’ll receive one Scrumptious Sheep or Lil Lamb for each Hungry Wolf in your wallet; but not all of them are the same. Some are rarer than others and as a result worth more Dominance when eaten.
Scrumptious Sheep and Lil Lambs come in five varieties, each with an associated monthly drop rate:
Monthly Drop Rarity Chart
There are 10 different NFTs that can be acquired, each worth a scaling amount of Dominance when eaten. Think of it like a menu depending on how hungry you are! We’ll get into specifics of this in the Eating Your Sheep section.
Before we go any further though, you should probably ask yourself if you have the constitution to eat this Mythical Lil Lamb. If the answer is no, you might have a hard time playing our game.
Mythical Lil Lamb
We decided to make these 10 NFTs static; meaning the same 10 Scrumptious Sheep & Lil Lambs are dropped month-over-month during regular airdrops. This is to ensure they’re easily visually identifiable and our OpenSea collection will always show 10 available NFTs for purchase vs. getting cluttered with dozens of extremely similar options.
However, we know that many of our holders like to “collect” our sheep and have fun when new visual traits are made available. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

In addition to our regular monthly airdrops, we’ve committed to doing at least one additional drop each month of 2022 with a unique collectable NFT sheep.

These are limited drops and will never be available again in the future. Collectable drops are still be segmented by Alpha and Beta rank (Scrumptious Sheep vs. Lil Lamb) and are edible, albeit for a significantly reduced amount of Dominance.
In line with above, Hungry Runtz do not receive collectable drops. They are reserved exclusively for Hungry Wolves holders.
Holiday Scrumptious Sheep + Lil Lamb
Our team has launched two collections on OpenSea:
  • Hungry Farm: Meant for eating. Reserved for the 10 static NFTs of varying rarity used in our standard monthly airdrops.
  • Hungry Barn: Meant for collecting. Reserved for limited drops.
You can view the traits of each NFT to view the amount of Dominance the NFT is worth when eaten.