Wolfpack Competitions

One of the major goals for our project is to create the ability for you to collaborate and compete alongside your packmates.
Wolfpack Logos
We shared in prior sections that:
  • You choose a Primary Wolf from your wallet to join a Wolfpack.
  • When you consume Scrumptious Sheep or Lil Lambs with your Primary Wolf, Dominance earned will be mirrored & attributed to your Wolfpack.
Wolfpack competitions are held on a monthly basis.
At the beginning of each month, we take a snapshot. If a wallet address has a Primary Wolf inside a Wolfpack on that date, that’s the pack their NFT will be a part of for purposes of competition and rewards, regardless of whether they switch their pack mid-month or sell their NFT. This is to prevent cheating.
As a result, any newly acquired wolves will need to wait until a new monthly competition starts to participate. They’ll still be able to join packs and earn Dominance in the meantime — just not to support the existing competition.
Each pack is given a goal for the month: hit or miss. It's to acquire X total Dominance for the month — scaled based on the membership size of each pack. If achieved, any Primary Wolf that contributes will receive a Dominance bonus for its wallet holder.
Runtz designated as Primary Wolves receive 50% of the amount allocated to Hungry Wolves.
You can view the leaderboard for each month's competition, as well as past month's, via The Wolf Den.
Wolfpack Competitions Leaderboard

We expect these competitions to evolve and incorporate different mechanics over time.