Wolves & Runtz

Hungry Runtz were released in late-Q1 2022 as a “free-to-play” layer of the Hungry Wolves ecosystem. They are ERC-721 NFTs just like Hungry Wolves. You can mint a Runtz completely free at
Hungry Runtz NFT Example
Runtz are a completely FREE-TO-MINT (only pay gas) collection. Runtz are for everyone; especially those that are new to NFTs. The goal has always been to make them accessible to anyone who wants to explore the Hungry Wolves project and mechanics.
With Runtz we also introduced a new concept; an INFINITY MINT. There will be no collection cap with Runtz and the mint is designed to run forever. Runtz are designed to be perpetually available to anyone who wants to join the Hungry Wolves community.
Hungry Runtz NFT Examples
Runtz have hundreds of randomized traits creating millions of combinations. We've also built in the potential to release new Series of Runtz with the ability to change the trait pool; meaning new traits could be unveiled and some older ones, retired forever.
Runtz are born into the world of Hungry Wolves. They can join Wolfpacks, eat sheep and earn Dominance. However, in most cases, Runtz must rely on their Hungry Wolves brothers & sisters for assistance due to their size. This is discussed further in the sections below.